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'Show me' questions continued

Q.   Show me how you would clean the windscreen using the windscreen washers and wipers ?

Operate control to wash and wipe windscreen. You may need to switch the ignition on, however, you should not start the engin

Q.   Show me how you would set the demister controls to clear all the windows effectively, this should include both front and rear screens ?

Set all relevant controls including: fan, temperature, air direction/source and heated screen to clear windscreen and windows. Engine does not have to be started for this demonstration.

Q.   Show me how you would switch on the rear fog light(s) and explain when you would use it/them (no need to exit the vehicle) ?

Operate the rear fog switch after switching on dipped headlights, check switch is illuminated and explain that they should only be used when visibility is reduced to 100 metres or less.

Q.   Show me how you switch your headlights from dipped to main beam and explain how you know the main beam is on whilst inside the car. ?

Move the stalk attached to the steering column forwards which will illuminate a blue warning light on the instrument panel.